Alisée is 19 years old and she's from the Waremme club.

She trains and lives in Marseille under the coaching of Frenchman Philippe Lucas.

She swims in Belgium under the colors of the ENW (Waremme swimming school) except when she swins as a member of the Belgian national team,

She also swims at the France Championships and in French competitions under the colors of AAS Sarcelles natation 95, French club of the island of France. 

After a year's reflection and a stint in medical studies, she opted for law studies at the University of Liège.

She hesitated for a long time between the two sectors. Finally, she opted for the law for its openness in the variety of possible trades and also, because these studies are more conducive to the exercise in parallel with a career as an international swimmer.


Goals :

  • Belgian short bath and large bath Championships: 400, 800 and 1500 m freestyle
  • Qualification and a place in the top 15 or even 10 at the World Championships Small Bath (Brisbane Dec. 22) and Big Bath (Japan July 2023) 800 and 1500 m freestyle
  • Belgian Championships small bath and big bath
  • European Championship 2023-24
  • World Championship in Qatar February 2024
  • Qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris July 2024
  • Los Angeles 2028 Olympics


  • Member of Philippe Lucas' team from September 2022
  • Trainee in May 2022 with coach Philippe Lucas in Martigues
  • Senior high level status in 2022
  • Member of the senior national team
  • Senior high level status in 2022
  • Senior sports hopeful status in 2021
  • European Championship in Rome in August 2022: finalist and 8th place in 1500 m freestyle, Belgian record; 12th place in 800 m freestyle and 14th place in 400 m freestyle
  • Belgian Championship by category, July 2022, Belgian champion 17 years and older and open in 400 m freestyle and 800 m freestyle
  • Belgian Open vice-champion, large swim, in 400 m freestyle, 800 m freestyle and 1500 m freestyle (May 2022)
  • Gold medal at the Slovak Grand Prix in 400 m freestyle, 800 m freestyle and 1500 m freestyle and achievement of the minimum requirements for the Euro in Rome in August 2022
  • Grand Prix of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, July 2022, open champion in 800 m freestyle, open vice-champion in 100 m freestyle, 200 m freestyle and 400 m freestyle
  • Belgian Open Champion, small swim, in 400 m and 800 m freestyle (November 2021)
  • Belgian Champion 18 years old in 400 m freestyle and 800 m freestyle (July 2021)


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