At The Agency, we're committed not only to your legacy but also to the pinnacle of your present performance.

Our dedication ensures that every non-sportive distraction fades into the background, allowing you to invest every drop of energy, concentration, and passion into your game. We meticulously craft strategies so that your peak performance years translate into a prosperous, enduring lifestyle long after the spotlight dims.

By joining forces with us, you're guaranteed a focus sharpened on the field and a future that glows brilliantly off it. Stand with us, and together, we'll co-author your epic tale of triumph, spanning every phase of your journey.



Here are some examples of partnerships signed by our talents with brands and clubs.



The Agency helps me make choices and provides me with the support I need as a professional athlete in different areas.

This is more than welcome as the world of sports today can be complex at times. It allows me to better focus on training and competition.




The Agency is very useful for all sportsmen. First of all, they assist us in our choices during and after our career. Then, they help us by providing us with several advantages such as access to gyms, sponsors...

The conferences are more than constructive gatherings! They are rich in meetings and also composed of relevant opinions, since coaches and former athletes take part in the debate.



Thanks to its accumulated experiences (athletic & professional),
The Agency represents an invaluable support that allowed my wife and I to find our place as "parents" with our 11 year old daughter, a high level athlete. Inspiration, motivation, emotional support, good advice at key moments, the ability to project a global vision and to add an appropriate and measurable action plan... are all qualities you will find at The Agency.

In short, an indispensable toolbox that allows us to anticipate and respond to each specific need of the high-level athlete, so that he or she can concentrate exclusively on his or her discipline and discover new horizons, without worrying about the stewardship that was previously a source of problems. As for Aline ZĂ©ler, more than a mentor, we quickly adopted her as a new member of the family.



The Agency is a chance to promote swimming on the one hand and my personal results on the other. It is also the possibility to be surrounded by resource people in different fields because it is not always easy to have all the answers. It also allows me to concentrate fully on my sport, training, competitions and studies.

Finally, it is an opportunity to approach companies and to be financially supported by them. The conference I attended was enriching because of the meetings I had with people who had interesting experiences. The discussions were instructive for me.



"As a passionate athlete, I have always strived to achieve excellence in my sport. However, I realized that in order to truly excel, I needed to find a way to balance my sport with other aspects of my life, such as work, family, and personal well-being.

That's when I learned about the agency and the services they offer to athletes at the highest level like me. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of having a dedicated team of professionals who could help me find the tools I need to continue pursuing my sport at the highest level, while also helping me maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

When I met Hans, I knew that I had made the right choice. His dedication to helping me achieve my goals, both on and off the field, has been invaluable. He has provided me with the support, guidance, and resources I need to excel in my sport, while also helping me stay focused and relaxed in all other areas of my life.

Through my partnership with The Agency and with Hans as my manager, I am confident that I can continue to push myself to new heights in my sport, while also living a well-rounded and fulfilling life."


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